Desktop Server Build

A local business had their server crash on them. The server in question was built over a decade ago and would have cost more to repair than it was worth. So I worked with the business to replace their server ASAP. I went with an Intel Xeon E3-1220V3 3.1GHz Server Processor, 16GB DDR3 Server RAM, 2x 240GB Intel Pro 2500 SSDs in RAID 1, and a ASUS P9D-M Micro ATX Server Motherboard. The operating system is Server 2012 R2 Essentials. The role of the server is a simple software server to run all their management software.

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Bottineau Library

I was tasked with replacing the Library's staff computers and one patron computer. Whenever possible I prefer to build using the Mini-ITX form factor as it takes up as little space as possible without sacrificing performance or the ability to upgraded down the road. They did require optical disc drives, so I had to find a case that supported a 5.25" drive. Thankfully Fractal makes a nice small form factor Mini-ITX that worked perfectly. The rest of the build is an Intel Core i5 processor for the staff computers and an Intel Core i3 processor for the patron computer. All computers receive a solid state drive (240-250GB), 8GB of DDR4 RAM, and the DVD drive. Each computer receives cooling provided by Noctua. The staff computers also receive mechanical keyboards for durability and performance, and the supremely comfortable Logitech MX Master mice. 24" Dell Ultrasharp monitors finish out the staff computers while the patron computer gets a more economical keyboard, mouse, and monitor combo. These computers should be able to easily last several years without the need of an upgrade and all come with a minimum of 3 years of warranty on parts.

IMG_1841.jpg IMG_1854.jpg IMG_1856.jpg IMG_1860.jpg IMG_1894.jpg IMG_1882.jpg IMG_1877.jpg IMG_1919.jpg IMG_1918.jpg IMG_1917.jpg IMG_1910.jpg IMG_1913.jpg
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