Network Patch Closet Cleanup

This was a patch closet cleanup project at the college performed in summer of 2016. We took down the ceiling grid, installed cable ladder racks above the vertical network racks, cut off excess cable that had to go, and re-punched down 150 of the 300 network connections. This was a very rewarding project and makes installation and troubleshooting much easier than before.

08-net.jpg 06-net.jpg 07-net.jpg 05-net.jpg 04-net.jpg 03-net.jpg 02-net.jpg 01-net.jpg

Small Network Rack Cleanup

This small rack was not too difficult to redo, however the cables really weren't labeled properly, so I had to go through every single cable, tone it, and label it. That was the most time consuming part. Once all the cables were labeled, the next issue they were really out of order on the patch panel. So I ended up re-terminating all the connections. It is extra work, but it pays off in the end to have all the rooms in order. The next step was to cleanup the rack and excess cables exposed inside the room. It helps to use 1 foot network patch cables and we ended up adding a small UPS in case of power outages.

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